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Our  Ruptured Ducks

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Moonlight Swing Big Band


About Us

The Ruptured Duck was a slang term for the Honorable Service Lapel Pin given American military service members who were discharged under honorable conditions during WWII. Our Ruptured Ducks are Moonlight Swing Band Members who have moved on to pursue other endeavors.

We Salute Our Former Members.

Don Treco- Band Founder- Trumpet
Grant Pyle III - Leader. Arranger, Trombone

Vince Warm -Reeds
John Seither- Reeds
Todd Lanigan- Reeds
Adam Jenkins- Reeds
Kristy Reed- Reeds
Wally Miner- Reeds
Spike Evans- Reeds
Josh Hartman- Reeds
Sarah Crozier- Reeds
Tennessee O'Hanlon- Reeds
Michelle Rhines- Reeds

John Lampson-Trumpet
Jim McCarthy-Trumpet
Barry Ghezzi - Trumpet
Chuck Wiederhold- Trumpet
Dan Sanderson - Trumpet 
Raff McDonald- Trumpet
Brian Paz- Trumpet

Bruce Johnson- Trombone
John Kivi- Trombone
Michael Isom- Trombone
Don Wangberg- Trombone
Evan Neilsen-Trombone
Sal Cortez- Trombone

Ava Lemert-Vocalist
Dana Sanders- Vocalist
Holly Bowling- Vocalist
Wendy Wilson- Vocalist
Dana Moon- Vocalist

Brenden Lowe- Piano
Jim Elsaas- Guitar
Jim Martinez-Piano 
David Reese- Bass
Greg Bowser -Piano
Skip Tenney- Drums

Tom Corwin- Trumpet - in memoriam
Michael Manthey -Trumpet- in memoriam
Jeff Bond- Piano- in memoriam
John Sorenson- Drums -in memoriam

Don High - Public Relations Production Assistant